Southwind Apparel

Southwind Apparel speaks to a large demographic of consumers. It is a multi-level clothing collection reflecting on the many roles a woman plays in her life. It is fashion women can live in.

Effortless, wrinkle-resistant, moisture-wicking, lightweight and interchangeable, Southwind Apparel is a wardrobe staple and a travel essential. This line is made with machine-washable, nylon spandex material that gives the undeniable flattering fit that its followers have come to love. With the addition of new styles, vibrant prints and an expanded array of inspired, exclusively-designed prints. The result is a collection of pieces that are easily interchangeable, offering many wardrobe options and still translates to that effortless look — all at competitive prices.

Southwind Apparel is for all women! It takes you from daytime to date night, from the beach to the boardroom, from the gym to grocery store. It’s the perfect fit and fashion for swimming, boating, and stand-up paddle, and the latest style additions in our Active Collection are perfect for the golf course and tennis court.

Southwind Apparel’s roots are based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland where the relaxed attitude and lifestyle of the Chesapeake Bay provide the perfect inspiration for its design and style. The brand carries the proud tradition of being made in America with the highest UPF50+ rated fabric.