The Grecian Soap Company

The Grecian Soap Company, a 5 year old family owned company, was started based on delivering high quality, unique products that work and are priced reasonably using natural ingredients. When we first tried goats milk soap, it made us realize how much better soap can make your skin feel, not to mention the benefits goats milk offers. So with that thought, we decided to start our company with a unique approach of upscaling the product, eliminating parabens, sulfates and other harsh chemicals, offer a wide variety of fragrances and create packaging that people were drawn to. To date we sell our products to over 500 stores and are growing every week. One reason for our growth is the ability to private label any of our products as well as offer custom configurations. Some of our top selling products include our organic goats milk lotions, both in 8 oz. bottles and 2oz. tubes, our goats milk soaps with a natural sea sponge built into the soap and our unique shaped soaps to go with various themes.