Lucky Patina Fish on Pearl Glass
Lucky Patina Fish on Pearl Glass
Low Tide Island Design

Lucky Patina Fish on Pearl Glass

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Let this Elegantly Etched Fish be the key to your transformation, as they represent fertility, eternity, creativity, good luck, happiness and knowledge.

Materials: Antique Patina Solid Brass Fish on Elegant pearl Czech glass beads

Fish bead: 14x12 mm.  Bracelet Size is  7”- 7 3/4” un-stretched.   

Metaphysical Properties of Brass

  • Brass brings out natural good and inner truth

  • Boost immune system for courage ("bold as brass")

  • Regular wearing will reveal your personal energy signature

Metaphysical Properties of Glass

  • Carries energies for transformation

  • Merging elements

  • Rebirth

  • Focus

  • Communication