Year of the Dog 2018 Paw Print Bracelet
Low Tide Island Design

Year of the Dog 2018 Paw Print Bracelet

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Dog indicates loyalty, devotion, vigilance and protector. BELIEVE OUT-LOUD “I am loyal and devoted to myself first!”

Materials: Czech Black Glass and Silver with Enamel Zinc Paw

Bracelet size is  7”- 7 3/4” un-stretched.

Colors and size may vary slightly.  Paw measures 11 mm x 11 mm x 5 mm thick

Healing Properties of Zinc

  • TDM—Transdermal Micromineral benefits when worn

  • Boosts immune system and metabolism

  • Improves arthritis, inflammation and acne

  • Detoxifies

  • Positive effects on high blood pressure and anemia

Metaphysical Properties of Glass

  • Carries energies for transformation

  • Merging elements

  • Rebirth

  • Focus

  • Communication